DIY Sofa Table (using scrap wood)

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Our two year anniversary of moving into our house is just a couple of weeks away.  There was a small bucketlist of things I wanted to do right after moving in, which quickly turned into what seemed like an overwhelming, never-ending notebook of things.  I’ve been slowly getting things done, like painting the house, replacing the carpeting (which happened much sooner than I imagined it could, thank goodness!), getting the girls’ rooms set up, creating a cozy guest room, etc.

When my husband and I picked out our couch for our living room, we realized that it would take up basically the entire space.  I always dreamed of having more lamps than I really needed sitting on top of matching end tables, with a storage coffee table in the middle that contained candles, a fake plant of sorts, and magazines no one reads on them – you know, just like a model home: model home living room

Never in my life will this be realistic.  And frankly, it doesn’t look very comfy to me.  I think the couch my husband and I have is the most comfortable couch in the entire world!  It has definitely made watching movies at night a little more difficult – I tend to fall asleep before the ending.

So, I love my couch.  I can’t fit end tables next to it.  I want to be able to put a lamp in the room, and have something to keep remotes and drinks and what not on.  Solution?  Build a sofa table!

I didn’t use any plans to build this, I just measured the distance between my windows, the height of my couch, and got to work.

We have an excess of wood in our garage from various projects we’ve done over the years.  20170311_101450

I picked out my best planks of palate wood, got my sander with the roughest grit paper I had (80 grit I believe is what I used), and got to work.  Shortly after starting my husband mentioned that he wasn’t sure the palate wood would be sturdy enough for a table.  Really?  Ok, fine…

I found some left over MDF board we had from when we built his mom and dad a custom master bedroom closet last summer.  Perfect.  I needed it to be 102 inches long, and each piece was 97 inches.  Grr.  I liked the vision I had in my head this entire time for a sofa table – a rustic-looking stained wood top with visible screws with a gray painted frame.  That’s what I envisioned.  That is not how this turned out.  But, it’s ok.  I still really like my table, and it completely serves it’s purpose.

I started over by trimming the width of the MDF to 6″ each.  I wanted to make two tables, one for each backing of the couch, but only finished one this day.  I’ll do the other one this coming weekend.  So, after the board was trimmed I cut the leg pieces.  I just used 3 pieces of 1×2 wood cut to 31″ in height.  I sanded everything, painted it, and then realized I needed to cut some support pieces for the legs.


Fortunately, we have this awesome chop saw that makes cutting angles ridiculously easy.  I cut 4 pieces of support wood to 45° angles, sanded and painted them to match.


I drilled right through the top of the table into the legs after pre-drilling some holes first so I didn’t split the wood.  My husband was a good sport and helped me with this part because trying to drill holes, hold two pieces of wood together, and keep a screw in place was just too much for 2 hands to handle.  After all the pieces were put together I filled the holes with fast drying wood filler.  I used this stuff in my entire house for all the nail holes I had to patch when painting.  It isn’t very noticeable, especially with things on the table.

Finally, after everything was assembled I put two coats of matte polycrilic over everything to seal it in.


It’s perfect for what I need it for.  It’s not super fancy, and I whipped it together in a few hours, but I love it.




fresh summer looks by style bloggers

A step closer to having a cozy living room!


Thanks for stopping by!  I’m working on a lot of projects, so stay tuned for more!

XoXo, Erika